Wednesday, 14 January 2015

5 of my favourtie things......

The weather certainly has had a dramatic change in Scotland.....

As you can see, we've had a 'little' snowfall as of late.
As pretty as it looks the weather does cause a bit of disruption especially with transport and unfortunately, I was unable to get to work in Inverness yesterday.
After over an hour of waiting for the bus, I had to admit defeat and head back home, I'm not particularly a fan of being out in the cold!

So I thought I'd take this time to share with you all my 5 favourite items/products at the moment!

Happy Skin!

I've been plagued with the hassle of having oily/acne prone skin which can be a nightmare as you never know when a spot is going to rear it's ugly head!
I have to say I LOVE Sudocrem for dealing with spots.
Just a small amount on the affected area helps reduce the size and redness overnight.
I've used Sudocrem for years, I swear by it and always keep a handbag sized tub with me.

Secondly, oily skin has a disadvantage when it comes to make-up durability.
For those of you with oily skin, you'll know only too well that horrible feeling mid-morning when you can almost feel your foundation slipping off your skin.....Great!!
I've recently come across Younique's Glorious Mineral Make-up Primer and it's brilliant!
My skin feels amazingly smooth, giving me the perfect canvas for my foundation. Moreover, it helps my make-up last all day and doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Hurrah!

My New Wrap Around

I'm in love with my new wrap around from Missguided, it goes with everything!
It's great for layering up during winter or if your just feeling a 'wee chill'.
It took me a while to choose this wrap to be truthful, I could spend hours on Missguided's site!


My boyfriend recently introduced me to the joys of chopped cherry tomatoes with a sprinkling of rock salt and now I crave them constantly!
Can I get away with this being healthy??
Probably not right?

Red Lips

For me, red lipstick can add a bit of glam to most looks and it's a great day-to-night product if your in a rush. (That's why I always keep a red lippy in my handbag....well, you never know what the week has in store!)
I have a few different shades of red because I love the colour so much, but my shade of choice just now is No7 in Glam. I sometimes finish off with a slick of clear gloss depending on my mood.

What's your favourite items?

No7 (Take's you to Boots website)


  1. I should also mention, If you are looking for a Highland representative for Younique here's a link for an online party which will finish on 24th January 2015

  2. Hi haylz! Looking lovely as usual, nice blog by the way! Must tune in more often! Think il be buying one of them cosy wrap arounds myself now! Thanks for the tips!! Love and hugs - gemz xxx

    1. Hey chick!
      Thanks for checking my blog out!
      Yeh you should, they look good with anything!!!
      Hope alls well with you!